Saturday, August 19th, 2017

After a well-deserved Oscar, followed by a superb acceptance speech, it is with great pleasure that we feature Sandra Bullock on Celebrity Short Stories Inc. Although people have criticized her film choices, she scored big with The Blind Side. Read More

Today I mailed a check for $100 to Vital Voices Global Partnership.  My commitment is to donate a minimum of $100 to the Charity of the Month when I can and, once Celebrity Short Stories Inc. starts making money, this will be increased to half the website’s monthly revenue.  A recent charity was Vital Voices Global Partnership.  This charity supports […]

What do you think when we say the name “Drew Barrymore?’

We think of an honest, fun-loving, caring, talented young woman who has put past struggles behind her to emerge as a strong and confident figure on the Hollywood scene. AND she has recently turned her talents to directing! Read More