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Beach Boys Donate Single to Japan


Founding member of The Beach Boys, Al Jardine

Former Beach Boys members release a single, with proceeds going to the Red Cross for Japan relief. 

On the A-side of the single, available on Tuesday April 19th, is a song released in 2010 from a solo album by founding Beach Boys member, Al Jardine.  It is called Don’t Fight the Sea from the album, A Postcard from California.    

Jardine, said “We felt that the song had a nice basic message of friendship. I also like the idea of that song, because the vocals are a bit under-appreciated. So this release was a perfect place to showcase the idea of harmony and friendship. Everybody is behind it 100 percent, that’s the nice part.”

The B-side is the 1968 Beach Boys song “Friends” done a cappella.  Other Beach Boys members, Brian Wilson, Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, all supported the project after Jardine pitched it to them.

Recent footage of the horror of the tsunami shows graphically why it is important for the Beach Boys and other celebrities to continue to donate to Japan relief.  The Beach Boys are greatly thanked for their contribution to the rebuilding of lives in Japan.

If you wish to donate to Japan relief, many celebrities have been choosing UNICEF or the Red Cross

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Do you think celebrities are doing enough for Japan?

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