Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Angelina Jolie will be featured in a major ad campaign for Louis Vuitton, the French designer, this summer.

We are not sure if some of the $10 million Angelina Jolie will be receiving for this association with Vuitton will go to charity. But given that…

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As Libyans flee for the borders and gunshots continue unabated in Benghazi, it is clear that Angelina Jolie has it right – civilians from Libya must be protected and assisted. (Click here for Angelina Jolie’s bio.) The death of Mohammad Nabbous, an on-line journalist who was killed on Saturday March 18th in Libya, will likely increase the exodus and the strain on neighbouring countries such as Egypt.

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On-line journalist Mohammad Nabbous was killed on Saturday March 18th in Libya while filming and reporting on government forces shelling Benghazi. Nabbous founded an on-line TV station and continuously reported on the destruction of the government forces.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are rumoured to have recently visited an adoption agency with the hopes of adopting a Filipino child. Similar rumours have circulated before, but here is why this time we expect the couple will adopt.

Unrest in Africa. With all the uncertainty in Africa and the Middle East these days, Angelina Jolie has to do something about it. However, we predict (hope for) an ‘Angelina Jolie adoption’ of an African child – God knows the orphans in Libya and the Ivory Coast need saving more than in the Philippines right now.
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In this article, we compare the two power houses: Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie, and their 2010 charitable donations. It’s a war, I tell ya!

Oprah’s Charitable Donations

The Giving Back Fund 30 pegs Oprah’s charitable donations in 2010 at $41,400,000. Shall I repeat that? Over 41 million dollars!! How can anyone even contemplate reaching this milestone in charitable giving?

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Amidst unconfirmed (and possibly ridiculous) rumors of marital tension within the Jolie-Pitt union over their income not matching their expenses, and after suggestions that Brad wants the couple to curb their charitable givings, this article examines the Angelina Jolie Charity machine and related donations and how these compare to her income and the level of good she does in the world.

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Angelina Jolie and her personal leading man, Brad Pitt, attended the Premiere of her new movie, The Tourist, on December 6th at the Ziegfield Theatre in New York City.  Wearing a lovely ivory gown, Jolie told reporters that “they” were going for a film that was a pleasure and an escape.  She and Johnny Depp appear […]

By Celebrity Short Stories Inc. ©   (See also Angelina Jolie Adoption and income.) Angelina Jolie has turned heads again in The Tourist and she deserves considerable recognition for her ability to do so and “have it all”, while still continuing her celebrity charity work.  As usual, we leave the celebrity charity info for later in the biography […]

This biography is about a woman who is incredible both because of her stellar acting career and because of her vocal humanitarian activism. She has made the unique decision to give one third of her money to charity. Can you imagine anyone giving one-third of their income to charity? Think about it. Could you give that much away? Such incredible giving must come from a very beautiful soul – the soul of Angelina Jolie.

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UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina Jolie, and partner, Brad Pitt, visited victims of the Bosnian War – people evicted from their homes in the 1990’s who are now living in deplorable living conditions at various “collective centres” in Bosnia. They lack running water and basic services, and continue to be marginalized by their circumstances. Angelina spent private time with a group of women, many of whom had been raped and tortured during the war. One woman summarized her ordeal by saying: “I have my body, but it no longer has a soul”. Angelina urged continued support for these refugees.
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