Saturday, August 19th, 2017

 Here are our top 10 pics of Natalie Portman Videos (see also Natalie Portman’s Bio):  Natalie Portman Videos – University Life, Oscar Panel Natalie Portman Videos – Love and a Baby Girl Natalie Portman Videos – Her Cause Natalie Portman Videos – Hazards of Acting, Oscar Panel Natalie Portman Videos – Funny moments on David Letterman […]

See also Johnny’s original biography and biography updates from December 5, 2010 and December 6, 2010.  (See also video below.) While Johnny Depp was promoting his latest movie, The Tourist, he commented that he would be up for a cameo in the upcoming movie – 21 Jump Street.  It was this weekly police T.V. show that augmented Johnny […]

This is an update to Emma Watson’s Celebrity Biography.  Emma Watson had a great year and she gives the highlights in her Christmas message on her website.  She also has a cute Christmas video (below).  In her written Christmas message, Emma Watson talks about her organic clothing collection due out next spring, her fair trade venture with People […]

By Celebrity Short Stories Inc. ©   (See also Angelina Jolie Adoption and income.) Angelina Jolie has turned heads again in The Tourist and she deserves considerable recognition for her ability to do so and “have it all”, while still continuing her celebrity charity work.  As usual, we leave the celebrity charity info for later in the biography […]

Johnny Depp is as fantastic in The Tourist as he has been in all his other roles – a brilliant actor. He and Angelina Jolie light up the screen with their sexy shots, but he also plays an innocent passerby very well. Don’t expect Johnny to be beguiled by his Tourist co-star though. This is a professional relationship for them both (though they do make a great movie couple). Johnny’s love lies within his own family as does Angelina’s and they have bonded in a unique way because of their respective family ties. We share some biographical information about Johnny now, with a smattering of his recent charity work. (See also videos after The End.)

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Mila Kunis’s star is rising at a steady pace these days. We remember her from That 70’s Show and recognize her as Meg’s voice in The Family Guy, but she has recently showed her expanding talent in productions like Black Swan, and her fans are enjoying the ride. Mila is starting to engage in celebrity charity work as well – we’ll tell you about that shortly. For now, we focus on her performance in Black Swan, a role for which she reduced her weight to a mere 95 pounds in order to accurately reflect the life of a ballerina. Her life experiences and quotes are below and, with her celebrity charity work, there are plenty of ideas and inspirations for short stories. (See also Mila Kunis videos after The End.)

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Emma Watson (better known to many of us as Hermione Granger) is a young woman who is demonstrating that she is a role model. Emma is a great inspiration to her peers – spreading her wings with charity work, her acting career and her education. Here are biographical snippets from Emma Watson’s life.

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Kate Winslet has used film to provide her fans with a wild array of emotions: euphoria and grief in Titanic; desire and anger in The Reader; wild abandon, shame and endurance in Sense and Sensibility. Because of her ability to sincerely deliver these emotions, Kate has captured the hearts of fans world wide.

One can perhaps ‘know’ Kate Winslet, to some extent, from her films, but Celebrity Short Stories prefers to evaluate stars by the words they speak and the deeds they do in real life.Read More

Will Smith is a happy man. That is obvious from everything he says and does. He has said: “I just love living. That’s a feeling you can’t fake. I’m glad every single day. I think that even the camera can feel that I’m a happy man.”

Celebrity Short Stories is truly thrilled to feature such a happy man, because happiness is what we are all about. We have been inpsired by Will’s quote and have created a poem entitled I’m a Happy Man (coming soon). Read More

George Clooney is a man’s man. He’s handsome, a gentleman, perhaps a little cheeky but, an all-round good guy. Has he always made the best films? Some people think so – some people think O Brother, Where Art Thou is an all-time classic. I may not go quite that far but I’ve liked him in most of his recent films, especially Up in the Air, which landed George a well-deserved Oscar nomination. What also makes Celebrity Short Stories proud to feature George Clooney is his considerable efforts in fundraising and awareness building re: Haiti and Darfur.

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