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Future Princess Kate – Charity Work Minimal for First Two Years


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Prince William has asked that the role of the new royal couple be limited for the first two years of their marriage. 

Mirroring the Queen and Prince Philip’s early happy life together, the young Prince William sees this as the way to ease his future wife, Kate Middleton, into the rigours of public life without the dire consequences that can come with the post.

It is true that the world will be clamouring to examine the future Princess’s every public appearance and word.  This is sure to be an overwhelming experience for her, no matter how prepared Kate Middleton may think she is.

So charities may have to wait, as future ‘Princess Kate’ becomes more comfortable with her new role.

Do you think it is wise for Prince William to protect Kate in this way?  Do you think he will be successful?

Click here for full story and more from the Sydney Morning Herald.  

If you wish to read more about Kate Middleton’s charity work and interests, click here

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