Saturday, August 19th, 2017


Lady Gaga to appear at MTV Japan’s Charity Show


Lady Gaga is the first major celebrity to confirm her participation in MTV Japan’s Video Music Aid Japan show.  The show will replace the annual Video Music Awards.  Proceeds from the charity show will go to the Japan Red Cross to help in Japan’s recovery. 

The charity show will be held on June 25th in Mkahari Meese which in near Tokyo.  It will be broadcast to 550 million homes and it is hoped that millions of dollars in will be raised from the charity production.

Lady Gaga is a ‘charity superstar’ and has shown her generous side many times in the past.  Most particularly for Japan, she created the Japan Prayer Bracelet and donated $1.5 million from the proceeds to Japan relief efforts. 

The MTV Japan charity event is part of the Music of Hope Campaign sponsored by MTV Japan.  The campaign hopes to inspire young people to provide help and support to Japan’s relief efforts.

Thank you MTV Japan and Lady Gaga for continuing your contributions to Japan and this charity event. 

For fans in the States who wish to donate, the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund has been chosen as a charity by many celebrities who are assisting Japan.

Click here for the ‘Definitive List of Celebrities’ Charity Donations to Japan’, which is updated regularly.

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2 Responses to “Lady Gaga to appear at MTV Japan’s Charity Show”
  1. mojun says:

    Japan virtuoso guitarist Taka Minamino RUMORED TO BE LADY GAGA’S NEXT GUITARTIST AND TO PERFORM AT THE JAPAN BENEFIT CONCERT FOR MTV…check him out at,, or on youtube.

  2. Miquel says:

    News are just to entertain you!Because you never know when the itonrmanifois true or false. I saw a lady reading a magazineand on itit said that America now doesnt have no borderwith Mexico, I laughed at it but she turned and said it’s true andthat she read it on the internet too.We are people who get fooled by most newsbut yet there are important information too..So I cant really judge it!

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