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Russell Brand interview shows he’s a charitable guy – we think


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In a recent interview, Russell Brand furthered his Arthur image by stating, “If I had Arthur’s billions, I’d give them away to the poor…

“Because I’ve given away those billions, people would clamour to be part of this glorious new revolution. The Russ-olution.”

“I could take over the world through altruism, generosity and genuine socialism…”

So, is Russell Brand a charitable guy or not?  It seems a bit unlikely from the one-liners, cheeky comments and libidinal characters he delivers & plays in his movies.  But what about the real Russell Brand? 

We suspect there’s more to Russell Brand than is reflected in his characters.  The words in his interview suggest that, yes in fact, Russell Brand is a charitable guy.  He also talks about his wife, Katy Perry, with great affection and reveals a healthy attempt to make things work for the couple despite their challenging schedules.  It sounds like children are in the near future for Russell Brand and Katy Perry as well. 

As for Katy Perry, we love her recent appearance on American Idol and her contribution to Japan relief. 

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What do you think?  Is Russell Brand a charitable guy?  Do you like Russell Brand movies?  What charity do you think would be a good Russell Brand charity?

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