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Welsh Alternative Rock Band, Feeder, donates to Japan


Lead singer/guitarist for the Welsh alternative rock band – Feeder – is very connected to Japan.  Grant Nicholas’s wife, Kana, is Japanese; his two children are half Japanese; and his band mate – Taka Hirose – was born in Japan.  The decision to release a single to raise funds for Japan was therefore an easy one to make.  The single, Side By Side, from Feeder can be purchased at the Feeder website.  All proceeds go to the British Red Cross to help Japan.

Recent news articles from Japan suggest that the problems at the nuclear power plant could go on for six to nine months before being brought under control and the plant decommissioned.  Meanwhile, the nuclear crisis has overshadowed the every day struggles of the hundreds of thousands who still deal with the loss of life and property from the violent tsunami.  A new video graphically shows a more complete picture of the horrendous moments that tore peaceful, unassuming communities apart in an unimaginable way on March 11th, 2011.

Thank you, Feeder, for making the decision to donate the proceeds from Side By Side to Japan’s relief efforts.

For fans in the States who wish to donate, the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund has been chosen as a charity by many celebrities who are assisting Japan.

Click here for the ‘Definitive List of Celebrity-Charity Donations to Japan’, which is updated regularly.

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